Friday, April 29, 2005

2008 Presidential Race

Politics 101

Since I haven't posted in a while and I want to talk about this and no one will listen to me rant for more than 23 seconds, I figured I would write out the 5 reasons why Bush's social security reform will (a) not succeed, (b) isn't really 'reform' or (c) all of the above. Always go with (c).

1st: Bush's social security reform will only be for those under the age of 50. I don't have any numbers in front of me but I'm pretty sure male and female baby boomers were a majority of the Bush supporters in the last election. That being the case Bush has from the first step erased his base from the equation of supporters for this initiative. Not a good start.

2nd: Bush's social security reform will be means based. This means that those who earn less will recieve more from social security. This also means that those who earn more will recieve less from social security. Did you hear the loud footsteps and the door slamming? Yeah, that was the rest of Bush's traditional supporters leaving him to hold the social security bag.

3rd: As if Bush hadn't already made it difficult enough on himself, he is steadfast on the issue of the payroll tax. It will not be raised! He comes to the table saying he will look at all good-faith ideas. But then he cuts out the payroll tax hike, he must have PSA's (Personal Savings Accounts) and it won't affect seniors who are either currently recieving checks or are about to.

4th: Any idea has to be a 'permanent fix'. In my very humble opinion, there is no such thing as a 'permanent' fix to this problem. Populations will increase and decrease, the stock market will fluctuate, the economy will fluctuate, money will be spent when it shouldn't be and given away when it's needed. There are just too many variables for this problem to create a one size fit all solution. What is needed are minor fixes here and there over a scheduled time period with a deadline to go back and make more minor fixes and adjustments. I believe that with the constant tweaking social security will become less of a third rail issue.

5th: it's social security for gods sake! you don't mess with my grandparents income you heartless... I need not go any further because while I do believe that minor tweaks should be made I do not think that people should be crucified for taking on tough issues. I'm merely pointing out how dangerous it is to pee on third rail issues.

That is all, perhaps more later.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

philosophy and such things...

Before I get started talking about something that no one cares about, let me ask a vaguely techno-philosophic question. What is a blog with no readers? I personally think the answer is quite obvious... It's my blog. Anyways, I'm a non-parent-empty-nester this week. My roommate joel went off to visit our friend Melissa in Africa where she is studying baboons asses (it's all very technical and scientific). On a related note I bought a headset for my X-box so I can now interact with the masses. My conversations usually go something like this: "Warthog comin up tunnel side", "Warthog in bound", "Shut the f#%k up!", "wow, you're a douche", "no I am in fact not a 30 year old who sits around all day and plays halo!"...

Saturday, April 16, 2005


nevermind about that whole california time thing... I just hadn't changed the settings. you may resume your normal lives now... I'm sure you were all horribly worried.

Spring cleanin

So I spent the day (what was left of it after I woke up) cleaning my room and whatnot. I know what you're thinking; 'didn't he just clean it like a week ago?', and the answer is yes in fact I just cleaned it last week. You have to understand that I have about as much space as a calf being prepared for veal parm. After I change my clothes twice my room is destroyed. god forbid I read a book or something and place it on the floor. Some nights I think it would be better to just sleep on the couch so as not to mess up my room by moving blankets and what not. So I did that, read more of a book I'm re-reading. I'm reading The Big U by Neal Stephenson. He's a pretty hit or miss author. Cryptonomicon = great, Snowcrash = great, The Baroque Cycle (trilogy) = boring as all get out, The Big U = depressingly accurate depiction of college... in a satirical way of course. But at any rate I'm reading it again. Other than that it's been a day spent in bed.

2 side notes, the time on my time stamp is west coast time for some reason so just add 3 hours from any time it says and that's when I posted (as if you really care).

Also, Just a disclaimer. If I ever get a job do not expect me to ever write about it here or anywhere else for that matter. I refuse to become the next washingtonienne... even if my sexploits will never be as trashy as hers.

English as a second language

Friday, April 15, 2005

up to no good vol.1 issue 2

So, reading back through earlier posts I realized how many times I mention the TV show Ed. I've decided that that is pathetic. So from hence forth I'll just let you assume that I watch Ed everyday because I really have nothing else to do. At any rate, it's been a boring week. Great Sox-Yankees game last night. ESPN decided to focus on one fan who was obviously too drunk to realize what he had done. When they had repeated the event for like the 15th time on Baseball Tonight I turned it off. Look, one fan accidentally hitting a steroid abuser is not news. It is not Artest jumping into the stands, it is not a riot. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. What is wrong with the news lately? Or I guess not so lately but whatever. It's like if they don't repeat a story over and over again they believe they're not doing their jobs. And god forbid they don't have two douches on to debate it. I used to watch CNN all the time, I used to read through newsweek and time, I used to do all that. I can't take it anymore. I don't care what Bill Kristol has to say, I could care less what Paul Begala has to say and I don't want them using up precious electricity by coming through my television set. Moving on... I will now spend the rest of my day bored out of my mind.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Weekend wrap-up

So, because of my lack of posts, you may be able to infer that I have been busy. My parents took off on sunday morning and made wicked good time getting home. Before that we visited the National Galleries of Art, the Natural History Museum, the Cherry Blossoms, the WWII Memorial (twice), drove past the White House, ate at Legal Seafood (twice), went to Ikea, Tysons Corner, Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, ate dinner with Jim and Katie (my cousins), had brunch at Bread and Chocolate, stood in line at the National Archives, rode the metro... and I could go on. It was a lot of stuff for me to do considering how Ed is usually the highlight of my day (speaking of which I missed fridays episode). At any rate, today I went down to the river and strived to up my skin color index (because I'm as pale as the walls in my apartment) and while I was down there I stopped in at a bike shop. Did you know, that there are three types of bikes out there (not including those BMX's... damn kids). First, is the Mountain Bike, then the Road bike (think: weird handle bars and lance armstrong) and last but certainly lame: the Hybrid bike. Now you would think that the Hybrid is some sort of weird bike that runs on gas and batteries. You would be horribly and laughingly wrong. Hybrids are just mountain bikes with slightly thinner tires. The guy at the bike store informed me that the Road Bikes have progressed (technologically speaking) so far that unless you have a spare $500 lying around, don't bother looking. Which leaves me with the option of trying to trudge around the cities on a mountain bike (which would be pretty slow on the roads) or getting a lame hybrid bike. maybe I'll just get a laptop when my tax returns come back and be done with this nonsense.
On an unrelated note, the Red Sox got their World Series rings today. This was also the day they whooped the yankees (8-1) and A-Rod (The 'A' stands for 'unbelievably big asshole', hence the capitalization) got an error on one play and almost lost his balance and fell over on another, common, play. Now I'm watching the nationals get their butts handed to them by the braves. It's baseball day in the N. Alfred Street apartment.

Monday, April 11, 2005


-Check out this crazy-man blog I found... this guy needs a dose of lithium
-and a great article about how DeLay is committing political suicide. "why murder someone who's committing suicide?"

Friday, April 08, 2005

Tour guide jeff

So I took my mom around the city a little today. We got a late start due in part to my obsession with watching Ed at noon and my mom's obsession with watching whatever news the 24 hour's have decided over-report. went to the national galleries of art and the natural history museum, took a nap, went to tysons corner ate dinner, watched baseball tonight and the daily show. That was my day. As for what I have decided to rant about tonight? A little mention in Gizmodo today about Best Buy (whom I dislike... best buy that is, not Gizmodo.) Best Buy has always offered me the worst in service and customer care and I have refused to shop there on many occaisions, except for when they have a really great price on something I want. Anyway, this article was interesting. It's about a guy who pays his bill in $2 bills. I think this is great on so many levels. $2 bills are just awesome, and pissing off Best Buy is awesome too. What happened to this guy however was no as they say in the geico commercial "awesome".

Thursday, April 07, 2005

(how do you say "up to" in spanish?) no bueno

So I finished cleaning today, watched Ed, played Halo2 and my parents came into town. Dinner at legal sea food where I ordered a guiness and the waiter said: "how about I make that a black and tan?" "Um, no that's ok." "You sure?" "YES... just a guiness..." Needless to say this little exchange confused the heck out of my parents and me for that matter. When someone orders a glass of red wine, does this waiter say: "how about I mix some red and white for you instead?" or what about if you order onion rings instead of fries, would he mix those? wait, that would be cool if he did. ANYWAY, the guy was an idiot. Goin tourist tomorrow with my mom. My dad has all sorts of important lobbying crap to do. Yes folks, you are not dreaming, this was my day. Jealous?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


funny Penny Arcade:
And another one bout Halo2 (raddest f-ing game ever... until Halo3 comes out):

up to no good vol. 1 issue 1

So my parents are coming tomorrow and I spent the day cleaning, e-mailing and playing x-box (Halo2 online...nothin better). That was my day. In a related story, BREAKING NEWS! The Pope is still dead. I wish that there was something better on between Ed and Scrubs or Ed and West Wing or Ed and Battlestar Galactica. oh wait... Battlestar Galactica is over for a while. I wish TV had something better to do with its time then reporting on how the Pope is still not breathing. Don't get me wrong, great guy and everything but really, nothing else?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


So this is something new, something different. I'm gonna start posting to a blog. I've become one of "those" people. we'll see how it goes. no doubt I'll get bored with it soon and it will fall by the wayside. but in the mean time my friends can see how boring a life I lead.