Thursday, April 07, 2005

(how do you say "up to" in spanish?) no bueno

So I finished cleaning today, watched Ed, played Halo2 and my parents came into town. Dinner at legal sea food where I ordered a guiness and the waiter said: "how about I make that a black and tan?" "Um, no that's ok." "You sure?" "YES... just a guiness..." Needless to say this little exchange confused the heck out of my parents and me for that matter. When someone orders a glass of red wine, does this waiter say: "how about I mix some red and white for you instead?" or what about if you order onion rings instead of fries, would he mix those? wait, that would be cool if he did. ANYWAY, the guy was an idiot. Goin tourist tomorrow with my mom. My dad has all sorts of important lobbying crap to do. Yes folks, you are not dreaming, this was my day. Jealous?


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