Friday, April 29, 2005

Politics 101

Since I haven't posted in a while and I want to talk about this and no one will listen to me rant for more than 23 seconds, I figured I would write out the 5 reasons why Bush's social security reform will (a) not succeed, (b) isn't really 'reform' or (c) all of the above. Always go with (c).

1st: Bush's social security reform will only be for those under the age of 50. I don't have any numbers in front of me but I'm pretty sure male and female baby boomers were a majority of the Bush supporters in the last election. That being the case Bush has from the first step erased his base from the equation of supporters for this initiative. Not a good start.

2nd: Bush's social security reform will be means based. This means that those who earn less will recieve more from social security. This also means that those who earn more will recieve less from social security. Did you hear the loud footsteps and the door slamming? Yeah, that was the rest of Bush's traditional supporters leaving him to hold the social security bag.

3rd: As if Bush hadn't already made it difficult enough on himself, he is steadfast on the issue of the payroll tax. It will not be raised! He comes to the table saying he will look at all good-faith ideas. But then he cuts out the payroll tax hike, he must have PSA's (Personal Savings Accounts) and it won't affect seniors who are either currently recieving checks or are about to.

4th: Any idea has to be a 'permanent fix'. In my very humble opinion, there is no such thing as a 'permanent' fix to this problem. Populations will increase and decrease, the stock market will fluctuate, the economy will fluctuate, money will be spent when it shouldn't be and given away when it's needed. There are just too many variables for this problem to create a one size fit all solution. What is needed are minor fixes here and there over a scheduled time period with a deadline to go back and make more minor fixes and adjustments. I believe that with the constant tweaking social security will become less of a third rail issue.

5th: it's social security for gods sake! you don't mess with my grandparents income you heartless... I need not go any further because while I do believe that minor tweaks should be made I do not think that people should be crucified for taking on tough issues. I'm merely pointing out how dangerous it is to pee on third rail issues.

That is all, perhaps more later.


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