Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spring cleanin

So I spent the day (what was left of it after I woke up) cleaning my room and whatnot. I know what you're thinking; 'didn't he just clean it like a week ago?', and the answer is yes in fact I just cleaned it last week. You have to understand that I have about as much space as a calf being prepared for veal parm. After I change my clothes twice my room is destroyed. god forbid I read a book or something and place it on the floor. Some nights I think it would be better to just sleep on the couch so as not to mess up my room by moving blankets and what not. So I did that, read more of a book I'm re-reading. I'm reading The Big U by Neal Stephenson. He's a pretty hit or miss author. Cryptonomicon = great, Snowcrash = great, The Baroque Cycle (trilogy) = boring as all get out, The Big U = depressingly accurate depiction of college... in a satirical way of course. But at any rate I'm reading it again. Other than that it's been a day spent in bed.

2 side notes, the time on my time stamp is west coast time for some reason so just add 3 hours from any time it says and that's when I posted (as if you really care).

Also, Just a disclaimer. If I ever get a job do not expect me to ever write about it here or anywhere else for that matter. I refuse to become the next washingtonienne... even if my sexploits will never be as trashy as hers.


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