Friday, April 08, 2005

Tour guide jeff

So I took my mom around the city a little today. We got a late start due in part to my obsession with watching Ed at noon and my mom's obsession with watching whatever news the 24 hour's have decided over-report. went to the national galleries of art and the natural history museum, took a nap, went to tysons corner ate dinner, watched baseball tonight and the daily show. That was my day. As for what I have decided to rant about tonight? A little mention in Gizmodo today about Best Buy (whom I dislike... best buy that is, not Gizmodo.) Best Buy has always offered me the worst in service and customer care and I have refused to shop there on many occaisions, except for when they have a really great price on something I want. Anyway, this article was interesting. It's about a guy who pays his bill in $2 bills. I think this is great on so many levels. $2 bills are just awesome, and pissing off Best Buy is awesome too. What happened to this guy however was no as they say in the geico commercial "awesome".


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