Friday, April 15, 2005

up to no good vol.1 issue 2

So, reading back through earlier posts I realized how many times I mention the TV show Ed. I've decided that that is pathetic. So from hence forth I'll just let you assume that I watch Ed everyday because I really have nothing else to do. At any rate, it's been a boring week. Great Sox-Yankees game last night. ESPN decided to focus on one fan who was obviously too drunk to realize what he had done. When they had repeated the event for like the 15th time on Baseball Tonight I turned it off. Look, one fan accidentally hitting a steroid abuser is not news. It is not Artest jumping into the stands, it is not a riot. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. What is wrong with the news lately? Or I guess not so lately but whatever. It's like if they don't repeat a story over and over again they believe they're not doing their jobs. And god forbid they don't have two douches on to debate it. I used to watch CNN all the time, I used to read through newsweek and time, I used to do all that. I can't take it anymore. I don't care what Bill Kristol has to say, I could care less what Paul Begala has to say and I don't want them using up precious electricity by coming through my television set. Moving on... I will now spend the rest of my day bored out of my mind.


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