Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Weekend wrap-up

So, because of my lack of posts, you may be able to infer that I have been busy. My parents took off on sunday morning and made wicked good time getting home. Before that we visited the National Galleries of Art, the Natural History Museum, the Cherry Blossoms, the WWII Memorial (twice), drove past the White House, ate at Legal Seafood (twice), went to Ikea, Tysons Corner, Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, ate dinner with Jim and Katie (my cousins), had brunch at Bread and Chocolate, stood in line at the National Archives, rode the metro... and I could go on. It was a lot of stuff for me to do considering how Ed is usually the highlight of my day (speaking of which I missed fridays episode). At any rate, today I went down to the river and strived to up my skin color index (because I'm as pale as the walls in my apartment) and while I was down there I stopped in at a bike shop. Did you know, that there are three types of bikes out there (not including those BMX's... damn kids). First, is the Mountain Bike, then the Road bike (think: weird handle bars and lance armstrong) and last but certainly lame: the Hybrid bike. Now you would think that the Hybrid is some sort of weird bike that runs on gas and batteries. You would be horribly and laughingly wrong. Hybrids are just mountain bikes with slightly thinner tires. The guy at the bike store informed me that the Road Bikes have progressed (technologically speaking) so far that unless you have a spare $500 lying around, don't bother looking. Which leaves me with the option of trying to trudge around the cities on a mountain bike (which would be pretty slow on the roads) or getting a lame hybrid bike. maybe I'll just get a laptop when my tax returns come back and be done with this nonsense.
On an unrelated note, the Red Sox got their World Series rings today. This was also the day they whooped the yankees (8-1) and A-Rod (The 'A' stands for 'unbelievably big asshole', hence the capitalization) got an error on one play and almost lost his balance and fell over on another, common, play. Now I'm watching the nationals get their butts handed to them by the braves. It's baseball day in the N. Alfred Street apartment.


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