Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial Day Special

Y'all should check out Green Day - American Idiot and Ben Folds - Songs For Silverman, if you haven't already. Two great albums.

So I'm home alone for the weekend. Joel went off to cleveland (the worlds waiting room, i.e. 2 month old newsweeks, bad elevator music and plastic chairs). My friend Erica went off to Florida (the worlds beach...) I went out to the mall today and that was quite the mistake. It was a convention of female shoppers who apparently were under the impression that they had the god given right to push infront of you and then walk really slowly in large groups.

I had a couple of "interviews" and have heard back from NO ONE. very annoying. My friend Jen on the other hand finally figured out how to use the little green button on her cell phone. Unfortunately I had to hang up on her 10 minutes into the call because I was being stalked.

That's about it for news. I know all you non-existent readers wanted more, perhaps I'll write more later.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

short post

In an article from talking about Prince Harry joining the British army I found these two sentences that have nothing to do with each other:

"Harry's brother, Prince William, also has expressed hopes of enlisting with the forces. Their mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a Paris car crash in 1997." Story

Friday, May 06, 2005

mark this day in your calendar...

First I'd like to point something out, yesterday was 05/05/05. This may seem like a small thing until you realize this. 05/05/05 comes along only once ever hundred years. You may say, yes but what about 06/06/06? My response would be, that day is special too for the same reasons, although it's over 1 year, 1 month and 1 day away from 05/05/05. So enjoy the day you're in. enough of that shit.

I say mark your calendar's because tonight is the night I find myself in agreement with conservative icon George Will.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Who said government was smart?

No joke... dumbest thing I have ever seen. Perhaps our current government officials have never heard of what happened the last time a nuke was used on a populated area... god what idiots...

Wednesday - Thursday Madness!

absolutely nothing has happened on these two days. I just figured I'd spice up my subject headings.

Every week TBS sees to it that my day is ruined when they neglect to air an episode of Ed in favor of the Braves. Today the Braves played the Marlins. What was particularly upsetting about this today was that the game was also broadcast on ESPN. WHY DO YOU NEED THE SAME GAME ON TWO CHANNELS?!? WHY!?

So I took $145.00 out of my tax return yesterday and hid it. Why did I do this you ask? because for $143.75 I can afford to go to Myrtle Beach this summer in what will hopefully be the 1st annual summer trip with my good friends/second family. But why did I hide it you ask? Because I have hot hot hands and when money gets into my hot hot hands (especially $145.00) it turns into things like food and shelter or CD's, DVD's, Beer etc. etc. So, several weeks from now I will have to come back to this post to remember that I have hidden this money. But I've made it easy for myself. All I have to remember is the word "Profit". That should be easy because money is profit. Later on when I've used that money I'll re-post what profit actually means. It's not that I'm worried about it being taken, because I trust everyone who would ever go near my secret hiding spot, it's just I'm paranoid. This is the first time I've ever really saved for anything.

On another unrelated note, a friend 'o' mine sent me this:
those wacky Idaho-ans. They're wacky.

I also thought I'd take a moment to talk about a random blog I have in my links column. It's called Dooce. It's written by a semi-recent mother who apparently loves to talk about poop, boobs and "good bonkings". Part of the twist though is that she's a recovering mormon living in Utah. While it sounds lame I have to say she's quite witty and it's always a good read. I came by this blog when it was nominated for one of those stupid online-awards that I will never be up for... DANGIT!

Anyways check out dooce and go see Kingdom of Heaven this weekend. It's based on mostly historical fact and it's directed by Sir Ridley Scott! Can't go wrong. Besides from what I hear the ending is quite non-traditional in a cinematic sense (which means Orlando Bloom will not be the last one standing on a field with thousands of Orc bodies laying around him).

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Get to the point already...

So, seeing as how I started this blog to kinda keep track of my job search, I should probably write something about that. About a week ago I got one of the greatest (and worst) rejection letters to date. it went a little something like this:

"Jeffrey, thank you very much for your resume. Our firm, the name of company deleted, is a small Republican government affairs company ( While you have many of the skills we are looking for, I see that you appear to be strongly democratic and it appears that you would not enjoy working for our firm. We work closely with the Administration and Republican members of the House and Senate.
Best of luck in your search. name of person deleted"

Aren't they just the best? I think they are... Anyway that e-mail made me feel good enough about myself, seeing as how they only saw a paper representation of me and decided I was a raging libby, that I could continue on for a couple of days.

Today however I noticed that the one job that I've had the ONE interview for so far, has not only NOT been filled, but they are still looking. What makes this even worse is that this opening was for a job I have already performed for a year! A YEARS WORTH OF EXPERIENCE! but no, I'm not qualified I guess. This revelation subtracted one or two days from the high of my outing as a liberal.

Hopefully I'll have more later... keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend wrap-up Vol. 2

On Thursday night I rented Doom3 and didn't start playing it until midnight, that was a mistake. After about three and a half hours of X-box I finally gave in and went to sleep. Then I went to go see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It got slightly panned in reviews but do not be influenced! It's hilarious and follows the book pretty darn closely. Friday night I got an invite of a lifetime. I was to wake up at 7:30 the next morning (after another long night of Doom3) and get in a car with my friend Erica. From Alexandria VA we went to Ashburn VA and got in another car with Erica's friends Betsy and Tim, from Ashburn we went to the middle of New Jersey and picked up their friend Chris, from the NJ we went to NYC and met up with about 30,000 other people whom I cannot now remember. NYC made my late-night Doom3-athon look like t-ball. Hitting 4 bars (or 3 bars and a place we ate dinner according to Erica), staying out till 4:00am-ish and sleeping on the floor under the table of an apartment the size of a CD case. Waking up about an hour later when the smartys who slept outside decided it was too cold and rainy (IMAGINE THAT) woke us up with cries of 'IT'S COLD!' and 'I'M SO COLD!' we drove back to NJ and slept for another 3 hours on a comfy sofa. The day was then spent dodging puke in a car with 6 people (built for 5) and talking about baseball, politics, guns and prank calling crazy christian bunkers. Now I'm back home. There's a bunch of other stuff like being dared to eat a fortune cookie that was licked about 50 times by a girl I had just met, or standing out in the rain waiting for 6 drunk people to connect on a corner in NYC. But I won't get into all that. There's other things that were going on here too but I'll save that for another time maybe. That is all. go back to reading lame things.