Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Get to the point already...

So, seeing as how I started this blog to kinda keep track of my job search, I should probably write something about that. About a week ago I got one of the greatest (and worst) rejection letters to date. it went a little something like this:

"Jeffrey, thank you very much for your resume. Our firm, the name of company deleted, is a small Republican government affairs company ( www.deletedcompanyname.com). While you have many of the skills we are looking for, I see that you appear to be strongly democratic and it appears that you would not enjoy working for our firm. We work closely with the Administration and Republican members of the House and Senate.
Best of luck in your search. name of person deleted"

Aren't they just the best? I think they are... Anyway that e-mail made me feel good enough about myself, seeing as how they only saw a paper representation of me and decided I was a raging libby, that I could continue on for a couple of days.

Today however I noticed that the one job that I've had the ONE interview for so far, has not only NOT been filled, but they are still looking. What makes this even worse is that this opening was for a job I have already performed for a year! A YEARS WORTH OF EXPERIENCE! but no, I'm not qualified I guess. This revelation subtracted one or two days from the high of my outing as a liberal.

Hopefully I'll have more later... keep your fingers crossed.


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