Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wednesday - Thursday Madness!

absolutely nothing has happened on these two days. I just figured I'd spice up my subject headings.

Every week TBS sees to it that my day is ruined when they neglect to air an episode of Ed in favor of the Braves. Today the Braves played the Marlins. What was particularly upsetting about this today was that the game was also broadcast on ESPN. WHY DO YOU NEED THE SAME GAME ON TWO CHANNELS?!? WHY!?

So I took $145.00 out of my tax return yesterday and hid it. Why did I do this you ask? because for $143.75 I can afford to go to Myrtle Beach this summer in what will hopefully be the 1st annual summer trip with my good friends/second family. But why did I hide it you ask? Because I have hot hot hands and when money gets into my hot hot hands (especially $145.00) it turns into things like food and shelter or CD's, DVD's, Beer etc. etc. So, several weeks from now I will have to come back to this post to remember that I have hidden this money. But I've made it easy for myself. All I have to remember is the word "Profit". That should be easy because money is profit. Later on when I've used that money I'll re-post what profit actually means. It's not that I'm worried about it being taken, because I trust everyone who would ever go near my secret hiding spot, it's just I'm paranoid. This is the first time I've ever really saved for anything.

On another unrelated note, a friend 'o' mine sent me this:
those wacky Idaho-ans. They're wacky.

I also thought I'd take a moment to talk about a random blog I have in my links column. It's called Dooce. It's written by a semi-recent mother who apparently loves to talk about poop, boobs and "good bonkings". Part of the twist though is that she's a recovering mormon living in Utah. While it sounds lame I have to say she's quite witty and it's always a good read. I came by this blog when it was nominated for one of those stupid online-awards that I will never be up for... DANGIT!

Anyways check out dooce and go see Kingdom of Heaven this weekend. It's based on mostly historical fact and it's directed by Sir Ridley Scott! Can't go wrong. Besides from what I hear the ending is quite non-traditional in a cinematic sense (which means Orlando Bloom will not be the last one standing on a field with thousands of Orc bodies laying around him).


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