Monday, May 02, 2005

Weekend wrap-up Vol. 2

On Thursday night I rented Doom3 and didn't start playing it until midnight, that was a mistake. After about three and a half hours of X-box I finally gave in and went to sleep. Then I went to go see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It got slightly panned in reviews but do not be influenced! It's hilarious and follows the book pretty darn closely. Friday night I got an invite of a lifetime. I was to wake up at 7:30 the next morning (after another long night of Doom3) and get in a car with my friend Erica. From Alexandria VA we went to Ashburn VA and got in another car with Erica's friends Betsy and Tim, from Ashburn we went to the middle of New Jersey and picked up their friend Chris, from the NJ we went to NYC and met up with about 30,000 other people whom I cannot now remember. NYC made my late-night Doom3-athon look like t-ball. Hitting 4 bars (or 3 bars and a place we ate dinner according to Erica), staying out till 4:00am-ish and sleeping on the floor under the table of an apartment the size of a CD case. Waking up about an hour later when the smartys who slept outside decided it was too cold and rainy (IMAGINE THAT) woke us up with cries of 'IT'S COLD!' and 'I'M SO COLD!' we drove back to NJ and slept for another 3 hours on a comfy sofa. The day was then spent dodging puke in a car with 6 people (built for 5) and talking about baseball, politics, guns and prank calling crazy christian bunkers. Now I'm back home. There's a bunch of other stuff like being dared to eat a fortune cookie that was licked about 50 times by a girl I had just met, or standing out in the rain waiting for 6 drunk people to connect on a corner in NYC. But I won't get into all that. There's other things that were going on here too but I'll save that for another time maybe. That is all. go back to reading lame things.


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