Sunday, June 26, 2005

So many miles...

So I'm back from Myrtle and Rochester. Pictures will be coming soon (be forwarned; lots of them are of Jen and Erica's more popular parts). On saturday morning we started out for Myrtle beach. It was a good, long trip. We stopped at Chic-fil-a and had lunch in North Carolina. I switched off driving with Erica and on the way out of the parking lot we got pulled over. I had been driving a total of 30 seconds when this happened... such is my luck. Erica has forgotten her drink on top of the car. As we pulled out it went flying to the ground. As Erica turned the wipers on a NC State Trooper pulled up behind us. Luckily there was no ticket, only a polite "could you please go pick that up." Once under way again there was little excitement. "THE CREECH!"

The first night there we hunkered down around a pizza and alcohol after running several errands to get food and booze. Halfway through our drunken pizza eating we were evacuated due to a fire in another room. We romped on the beach, scaring the other travelers for about an hour or so. Several people were pushed in the water. After we got back inside we drank a little more, changed our wet clothes and went out. Let me state right now that if you ever have the chance to drink grain alcohol, champagne and beer, all in the same night... go for it, but make sure you have some really great friends (thanks chris, jen and erica for understanding). "Chris fell down..." "AAAWE...I pee'd myself!" "WREEEETCH"

The next morning came early and we headed out to the beach. I must say now... lying on a beach = fun... lying on a beach for more than 3 minutes = BORING. "Sorry, oops". Jen captivated us with her reading of a coupon book. It appears that if you're willing to drop a dollar or two you can get all sorts of free fudge, hermit crabs (named hermie), sand dollars, bibles, and the such. It's a veritbale free gift store down there. Good luck to anyone who engages in a sandball fight (a la snowball).

To spare you most of the details I'll inform you of how the rest of the week went up till monday...drinking drinking drinking swimming drinking sun burn drinking swimming drinking card games drinking drinking drinking swimming.

Monday was Brandon and Erica's birthday. We went out to the bar area and had dinner. I thought it would be fun to dress them up in Cowboy and Indian costumes and watch them run around the place. They however, decided that they would just stand there as we all sung happy birthday to them. Then we went off to feed some gross carp. Erica led us to this rockin piano bar where we sang along to thousands of songs and pumped our fists in the air. The night was capped off with a boring dance club and a creepy cab ride home.

The rest of the week went in a similar fashion to the beginning. On wednesday we cleaned up and headed out for D.C. Jen was busy communicating with other cars via notepad "Nice shoes..." "Who has two thumbs and..."

After an endless journey back to D.C. and a discussion of next years trip we went out again and had a quick dinner at wrap works... I love that place. Then we hiked down to a bar and watched the Sox win.

The Next morning Jen took off for Boston (a sad departure) and we piled back in the cars for Rochester.

Rochester was as always a fine time spent with the parents and each other. I had an opportunity to go see my grandparents (as I do on every trip home). I also went to my grandparents house for the first time in about 2 years. It was weird but still felt comfortable. I have also become something I never thought I would be. My grandfather was a member of the NRA and had many antique guns and rifles. When he passed away he left them behind obviously and they have now been divied up between the grandsons. I am now a gun owner. The guy finally got to me :-). I'll tell you something else, I'll give up that gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

Erica and I drove home to D.C. today after having a nice lunch with Pete and Amogh at Applebees. The drive home is always quicker and today was no exception. After 30 seconds (in exaggerated time) we arrived home and unpacked my 3 tons of stuff.

I hope everyone had a great time, I know I did. Can't wait till next years vacation.


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