Sunday, July 31, 2005

Baseball Trade Deadline

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 4:00 the trade deadline will expire. Rumors have been circling around Boston's Manny Ramirez who may or may not be tied up in a three way deal with the NY Mets and the TB Devil Rays. Adding to the rumor is the fact that Manny was taken off the starting lineup on saturday just 10 minutes before the game. This could go three ways: (1) we lose manny and his ~80 RBI's and don't get anything 'good' in return, (2) we lose Manny and his ~80 RBI's and we get a deal like Nomar's last year (we traded Nomar to the Cubs, the Cubs traded someone to the Expo's and the Red Sox got Orlando Cabrera... it was a good deal for the Sox). or (3) we keep Manny and his bat and we never know what could have been. I personally would like to stick with option (3). On top of that we acquired Gabe Kapler, back from Japan where he thought he could make a bucket load of money. Apparently he wasn't happy there and we welcomed him back. We also got Jose Cruz Jr. from the AZ Diamondbacks. Two new outfielders to make up for Trot Nixon's placement on the DL and Manny's wishy washy attendance. The Sox also designated Alan Embree for assignment a few weeks ago and on friday we let him go. Unfortunately the evil empire struck again and snatched him up. Embree now wears the dreaded pinstripes and we'll no doubt see him in the post season.

The Nationals continued their slide into oblivion tonight. They have dropped 6 of their last outings which has lost them their lead in the NL East and taken away their chances at a wild card run. These guys are just imploding before our eyes and it's kinda sad to watch. Hopefully some hard questions will be asked in the off season (with a rolled up phone book).


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