Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So it's been made official... Rove is evil. It's true. I read it in not only the NYTimes but also the LATimes and WSJ. Maybe it was an AP story... but so what... he's evil. What a busy day the 24's had today! Not only was Chief Justice (can't spell his last name) in the hospital for a fever, but the Space Shuttle was [supposed to be] launched today AND Karl Rove was put on a spit and placed over the open [luke warm] fire we call the White House Press corps. My favorite part of the news day came when Matt Cooper (journalist for Time Magazine (not affiliated with this, my, publication)) had a press conference after his grand jury testimony. For those of you who watch west wing, you will know that while grand jurists, lawyers or judges involved in the case cannot speak about the details... witnesses most certainly can, and that is why C.J. should never have worried. Matt Cooper used his status as a witness to hold a press conference where he distributed a letter detailing his deal with the "source" allowing him to testify (doesn't that word just make you wanna scream 'AMEN'?). It was almost like he was trying to up the suspense on something that wasn't all that suspenseful, he sat there saying 'source' over and over and then at the very end he said: "KARL ROVE". It was almost like he said; "Look, I'm not gonna name names here KARL ROVE, so don't try to KARL ROVE trick me or KARL ROVE anything... KARL ROVE, ok? KARL ROVE...

News Conference pic
NYTimes article
AP Article


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