Friday, July 01, 2005


I consider myself quite savvy. Internet savvy, I know what spam is and I know when not to click on it. Today though I couldn't resist. I got the sweetest note from a one Ms. Christa Parker. The subject heading was: "You're loved..." I couldn't resist, what exactly was the dot dot dot for? "You're loved...but not by anyone"? "You're loved... but we have to kill you"? So I clicked on it, and who loves me you ask? well just go ahead and read for yourself:

Loan Advisors Inc. would like to invite you to save money with us.

Over the past ten years we have been working with our customers
to find the most agressive rates from over 400 loan companies in the
US alone in order to help you.

Now it's your turn to save the money you've earned with a new low rate.

Free Quotes.
No Pressure.
The greatest rates you will find anywhere GUARANTEED.

At the very least please stop by and take a glance, you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Your Advisor Jacquelin

anti-spam coalition

Now, what was truly great about this, was that Christa had forgotten all about me. Jacquelin however was quick to take over. What a lovely woman Jacquelin is. The other great part is that they are apparently part of the "anti-spam coalition". It makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. But then all else is forgotten when I think of my lost love; Christa Parker... why hath thou forsaken me?!


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