Sunday, July 24, 2005

Weekend Wrap up Vol.1 Issue 3?

So it's been a mostly quiet weekend of Halo2, phone calls and looking forward to the Ben Folds concert.

My Grandma moved out of her house this past week. The Dickson 'estate' has now been turned over to someone else. In a way it was nice to always have that connection back to Connecticut and have what amounted to a permanent home. My grandparents moved into that house, Meadow Rock Farm, in 1976. It was not their first home, but for me it was the only place I know of them living. They had moved around quite a bit before settling in rural Pomfret Connecticut. This past Christmas my Grandma sat down with her 4 sons and talked about moving. It was an uneasy disscusion made easier by their (the 4 sons) willingness to accept the move. The rest of that break was spent talking about the innevitable move and what it would mean. For the past few years before hand my Uncle Andrew would often say; "well this might be the last Christmas here..." So now Christmas will not mean Pomfret Connecticut. The long drive through the mountains in New York, the quick but snowy roads of Massachusetts and the bumpy winding roads covered with sand of Connecticut. This year the trip will be a bit different, taking us north to Ottawa Canada (I'll need a passport to celebrate Christmas this year...). My Uncle John's website (Pop's Weekly Letter), tells the story of the last few days of packing up. It's in my links but for some reason never works, so use the link above if you'd like to read and see some pictures. It was a beautiful house in the rolling hills, several red barns and a parking lot like driveway. I learned to ride my bike there, played winter football in 60 degree weather in the field. Went sleding up in the hills and took many pictures of deer running through the trees. There was the annual walk through the snow, testing the ice (it always broke under foot) and the dinner table conversations that would last through the night. Sitting by the fire in the 'big room', watching movies in Pop's office. While I'm saddened by the loss, I'm happy for my Grandma. She has moved south to Princeton NJ. She'll be in a large retired community with her own apartment.

I also spent some time with my friend Deirdre this weekend. We took in the Post Office Museum, Burrito Brothers, The Hirschorn Modern Art Museum, some blisters, and a lot of walking. I hadn't seen her in a couple years and it was nice to know that there was someone else I know in D.C.

Also, the Nationals and Red Sox lost today. The Nationals need to get their act together and stop being shmucks... the Red Sox, well they just need to get it together. They're in first place, 1.5 games up on the Yankees and they're acting like it's no big deal. We need better pitching.


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