Tuesday, August 23, 2005


So, for the record I would like to say how much I LOVE netflix. I signed up for the service Sunday, they sent my DVDs out on Monday and I am now holding onto 2 6 Feet Under dvds. how awesome is that?

Also a side note on the ongoing kicking of the collective washington groin area that the Washingtonienne is doing. Apparently she sold the rights to her book to HBO and Sarah Jessica Parker is set to direct or something. I have some advice to SJP... don't do it? please don't, as if we hadn't heard enough about this shallow low life now we're going to have to sit through a movie too? and when I say 'have' I realize that it would be voluntary... but who wouldn't watch that?

wonkette article about the washingtonienne movie

Sunday, August 21, 2005


So it turns out my nameless friend won't be comin down to D.C. or so says my informant.

Also I just signed up for Netflix. I'm quite excited about this prospect because it means that I'll get to watch the 3rd and 4th seasons of Six Feet Under now. I've already rented the 1st and 2nd seasons from blockbuster but unfortunately they don't have the rest. Plus with the 5th season completed (tonight) that just means that I'll be able to watch them when I want. Not to mention the fact that I'll be getting plenty of other flicks as well. AWESOME.

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Not much to report

So I started my "job" on monday. Or at least I've been training for it. It's alright, and I get to have some great beer. On friday I went to a temp job that was supposed to be pretty cool... but it was not. I was supposed to be working from 8:00am till 9:00pm at the national archives, looking through John Roberts documents for People For The American Way. Instead I was stuck in their headquarters from 8:30 till 6:00 doing data entry. That's all I'll publicly write about that... if you would like to know how the experience went you can contact me personally (same with my other "job").

A disclaimer for the next section: I'm sorry (to the person whom I shall not mention in this paragraph) but I have an honesty clause in my contract and I have to talk about this.

One of my friends will soon be moving down to the D.C. area, we think. He has asked to stay with me and my other friend Erica, flip flopping between apartments. Erica, meanwhile is moving closer to me so that she can be more easily annoyed (I can only assume that's the reason). Lately though the agreement is getting a little rough round the edges. Our friend is not contacting us that much and Erica is getting stressed with her move and I with my job situation. Luckily we have other friends who are getting sucked into the middle and offering such great advice as: "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care." ($10 to whoever can figure out who said that). I have taken this advice to heart and am pursuing a new strategy. I will know whether or not (and when) my friend is moving down here when there's a knock at my door. My only hope is that it is not while I'm working or else he'll have to momentarily suffer through D.C. humidity.

Went to go see The 40 Year Old Virgin last night. It's excellent, different style of humor from Dodgeball/Old School/Anchorman. Paul Rudd is hilarious although is MIA for most of the middle part of the movie. Watch out for scenes that include the words; bag of sand, age of acquarias, $12 and "you know how I know you're gay?"

Friday, August 12, 2005

I got a job... or did I?

So last night (wed.) I decided that I was gonna start looking for a different kind of job. I had stretched out my unemployment as long as my mind, body and soul could take it. 8 months is a horribly long time to go without being employed. It messes with your sleeping schedule, your eating habits, your television viewing habits, etc. etc. You spend your time watching Ed and Third Watch and then one day you realize you've watched all the Ed's ALL OF THEM and then the next A&E moves Third Watch to 2:00. You no longer have any reason to wake up before 11:00 cause Third Watch has been moved back. Then you don't want to go out cause Third Watch is on at 2:00 and you didn't get up till noon so you have no time to interact with normal society. Then it's 6:00 and you say, well I should probably take a shower so it doesn't look like I've been sitting here all day... BUT YOU HAVE. Then you stop it with the showering cause you're like 'whatever', but then give in at the last minute cause you have to go to chipotle to get dinner and you don't wanna smell like ass (the donkey).

So, as I was saying, last night I wrote down a list of bars and restaurants in the area (does anyone else think it should be spelled restaraunt? cause that's how it's prounounced...weird). Today I called around to see if any of them were hiring. I guess Bush's economic plan is working cause most of them were. I filled out applications at two places, Murphy's and Founders. Murphy's said to call back at the end of next week. Founders told me to come in on monday to start training. Seeing how it's been with my job search so far I thought I'd have more luck with Murphy's indecision, so I turned down Founders offer. No really, I said 'OK' to the guy at Founders. So monday morning (10:30... sooo early!) I will be showing up for my first day of training. I'm not sure if this is a test run or if they've actually given me a job cause I haven't filled out a w2 form yet. Untill I fill out a w2 form I won't be updating my unemployment status. I need the security...you know?

Anyway, that's it. I've got a job at a bar/restaurant. How sad is that? PITY ME! I SAID PITY!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Sad day for the Brokaw/Jennings/Rather generation

Peter Jennings passed away today. Not much else you can say about that.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Week(end) Wrap Up

So the Odd Men Out Tour was awesome. Ben Lee opened with about a 30 minute set (which was good cause I was really there to see the other Ben). Ben Folds surprised almost everybody at the concert by coming out second. He rocked the place for about an hour eventually standing up on his piano and conducting the audience along to the song "Not The Same" (aaaaaaaaAAAAAAA)... He was awesome and I'd just like to take this moment to point out what an astounding piano player he truly is. I don't think he gets enough credit for it. Rufus came out last and toned things down a little. He played a song he wrote for Jeff Buckley and then played Hallelujah (a Leonard Cohen song made famous by Jeff Buckley). He also played a song called "Between My Legs" which he claims is about the end of the world.

My Grandparents house in Penfield was auctioned off (along with about 90% of their belongings) last week. It was a bit sad/frustrating to hear about, but it's over and done with now. Hopefully that means this whole drawn out series of events will be coming to an end as well. The true irony of the auction came with my realization that it happened around (give or take a day) the same time that my Grandfather passed away 3 years ago AND the decision to sell the house (made unilatterally) came on the same weekend that my Grandmother passed away a year ago. The phrase: "A strong kick to the groin" comes to mind.

*Spoiler Alert*
I've been sitting around watching the first two seasons of Six Feet Under on DVD lately. It's one of those great shows that provides its own stories. I haven't been keeping up with it at all and am totally lost if I miss a show or two but it's well worth the 4.15 or whatever at blockbuster. The other day though, I was watching the TVGuide channel and saw that Nate, basically the main character (kinda like Dr. Carter on ER was), DIED! HE DIED! They killed off one of the best characters in the final season of SFU! How sad is that?

If you're wondering why I hadn't posted since Tuesday, it's because I had about 15 other things I was going to talk about too, but I figured that if I waited a while I would forget the stupid crap and remember the interesting stuff. Guess that didn't work out though cause I wrote mostly about the stupid crap. Oh well, your loss.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Marc Broussard - Home

How do you know you've been listening to the radio too long while laying in bed contemplating sleep? When they play the same song in less than an hour. A sure sign that the D.J. thinks that absolutely no one is listening, therefore he can play whatever the hell he wants. Good thing for me it was Marc Broussard - Home. A very delta sounding blues-pop song. Check it out when you get the chance.

Nothing else to really talk about. Or rather, nothing else I really want to talk about right now. I spent the weekend watching 6 feet under on DVD. I hadn't see the first season since the summer it came out. Some fond memories from that summer and some not so fond endings to that summer.

1 day till the Odd Men Out concert.