Friday, August 12, 2005

I got a job... or did I?

So last night (wed.) I decided that I was gonna start looking for a different kind of job. I had stretched out my unemployment as long as my mind, body and soul could take it. 8 months is a horribly long time to go without being employed. It messes with your sleeping schedule, your eating habits, your television viewing habits, etc. etc. You spend your time watching Ed and Third Watch and then one day you realize you've watched all the Ed's ALL OF THEM and then the next A&E moves Third Watch to 2:00. You no longer have any reason to wake up before 11:00 cause Third Watch has been moved back. Then you don't want to go out cause Third Watch is on at 2:00 and you didn't get up till noon so you have no time to interact with normal society. Then it's 6:00 and you say, well I should probably take a shower so it doesn't look like I've been sitting here all day... BUT YOU HAVE. Then you stop it with the showering cause you're like 'whatever', but then give in at the last minute cause you have to go to chipotle to get dinner and you don't wanna smell like ass (the donkey).

So, as I was saying, last night I wrote down a list of bars and restaurants in the area (does anyone else think it should be spelled restaraunt? cause that's how it's prounounced...weird). Today I called around to see if any of them were hiring. I guess Bush's economic plan is working cause most of them were. I filled out applications at two places, Murphy's and Founders. Murphy's said to call back at the end of next week. Founders told me to come in on monday to start training. Seeing how it's been with my job search so far I thought I'd have more luck with Murphy's indecision, so I turned down Founders offer. No really, I said 'OK' to the guy at Founders. So monday morning (10:30... sooo early!) I will be showing up for my first day of training. I'm not sure if this is a test run or if they've actually given me a job cause I haven't filled out a w2 form yet. Untill I fill out a w2 form I won't be updating my unemployment status. I need the know?

Anyway, that's it. I've got a job at a bar/restaurant. How sad is that? PITY ME! I SAID PITY!


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