Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom Delay and the Nationwide Conspiracy to Indict him

So I'm going to talk about what made me smile for most of the day. Tom Delay was indicted today. What I thought was really interesting though was that Tom Delay doesn't seem to realize that Law and Order is a pretty popular show. He came out and said that this was all a political witchhunt from a political hack. He was referring of course to the D.A. Now, if he had known that Law and Order was a popular show (perhaps he should sit down with Fred Thompson), then he also would have known that most of Americans understand how grand juries operate. They don't inidict someone unless there's evidence to do so. That being said Mr. Delay should go around saying that this is a political witchhunt by a judicial system in his home state (and district).

My money is on Delay in the end though. I be he's going to wiggle out of this one and get the case thrown out of court. I will point out though that last year the Hammer won his district 55-45. This is a small margin for a Majority Leader (Republican) in Texas. His margin of victory shrunk mostly because of his own redistricting plan. He was quite selfless(?) by giving up some of his conservative base to make sure that democrats wouldn't be re-elected. Looking back on this choice, he's probably kicking himself. What's important here isn't whether or not the Hammer is thrown in jail. It's that you now have; Iraq, Katrina, FEMA, Abramoff, Schiavo, spending out the @$$, and three days of newspapers that have the word 'Inictment' in them. Mr. Delay, your days are quite clearly numbered. If you were a nicer man I would say that I felt badly, but you're not so I won't.


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