Saturday, September 10, 2005

Where to start?

So again, it's been a while. No real reason this time except that I've been busy. I would like to point out however that FEMA "director" Michael Brown has been removed from Louisiana and is in the process of being fired. However the bush administration is blowing this opportunity as well. They've had so many recently, and they've blown each of them. Instead of just firing him, they've removed him to D.C. where he can't actively hurt anyone. Instead they've put him in charge of planning for future hurricanes. Isn't that a little like keeping a kid after school to finish the homework he didn't do the night before? Combine that with the no-bid, non-competitive wages contractors they're going with and you have an idea of how this week has been for the bush administration. They're failing to convert more save opportunities than Mariano Rivera in April.

So I went back into the office again for one day this week which brings my total days of being a Federal Employee/ Appointee to 13. Win introduced me to the Congresswoman as a "Contractor". I wanted to say something partisan along the lines of "Does that mean I don't have to do any more work and I can overcharge your office?" But I'm much smarter/ nicer than that. It was a great opportunity that he gave me and I'm grateful for it. At some point in your life you will come across a boss who will look out for you even after you've stopped working for him/her and you'll know how nice a thing this is then.

I also worked way too many hours at the restaurant. Just a couple of observations about that. First, I am not a happy camper when people aren't being team players. Second, I do not react well to being shouted at (especially when they're telling me to do something and they're sitting on their ass.) Third, I am a waiter not your servant, if you'd like something done a simple 'please' and 'thank you' will get it done faster/ better than a 'do it'. Since when did common courtesy and respect go out the door in the work place?

I guess that's about it. My hope is that we see Michael's Brown and Chertoff fired within the next week or so, but I doubt it. Tomorrow I'm off to a Zydeco (apparently it's pronounced Z-I-Dek-O) concert. I'll let y'all know how that goes.


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