Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday funtastic

Tonight I went out to the Dupont/ Farragut area with Erica and her friends. Unfortunately the conversation drifted to money and buying houses so I decided to watch aussie rules football instead of paying attention. I don't really understand the rules except for it's a lot of running back and forth on a field. Then we headed back to Old Town for the Halloween party at Founders. Now let me just say this. I get along with almost everyone at Founders, from the owners down to the bus boys. The kitchen staff is great, even though they mostly speak spanish and I mostly speak english, we have a great time translating each other. The other servers are great, we get along really well. The owners are even starting to warm up to me and I have fun most days. Tonight though, the bartenders were (and there's really no other word for it...) complete dickheads. There is an unspoken rule that if you are a staff member at Founders, then you do not pay for your beers. Tonight the bartenders not only tried to get me to pay for them, but they also talked down to me in front of customers. The customers, seeing this, were awesome enough to say; "well then lets go someplace else..." Me, being awesome enough to stop them, said; stay for the beer if nothing else because it's great. I got 4-5 customers to stay even after they had received crappy service and had watched me get crappier service. Luckily the owners and the managers were all around to witness this. Hopefully the bartenders will burn in a special place in hell for that.

Other than the money talk and the bartenders, it was a good night spent with Erica and Joel.


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