Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday, sleepy sunday

The Astros and the White Sox are in the world series. There seems to be a correlation between the success of the White Sox and the number of times 8 Men Out is shown on TV. For those of you who don't know, 8 Men Out is a movie about the 1919 Chicago Black Sox and their fixing of the World Series. Any surprise that the White Sox have not one a single World Series since then?

I've recently gotten into watching Iron Chef America. It's given me all sorts of great ideas about recipes. Tonight I'm thinking about making a seafood stew. After Scallops though I'm a little lost. I'm thinking perhaps shrimp as well as perhaps crab. I know I want to add some okra and a little hot sauce to it to give it a southern taste but after that I'm lost. Completely lost. Should be some inedible fun though.

I was supposed to be in Las Vegas this weekend for my cousins wedding but alas I have no money. SO I was stuck here working on what has to have been the worst day ever. I thought the day I turned in my keys and locked the door to the Congressional office was the worst day ever, but it turns out that yesterday trumped it. They had one server on (me) one bartender (Corey, who took a ton of tables as well), no hostess, no food runners and no bus boys. By 11:45 the restaraunt was packed. I think I waited on about 35 tables and didn't leave untill 5:30-ish. By then the damage had been done. Two tables had comped meals for (percieved) poor service quality. The cooks had remade one of my orders because they hadn't pulled the ticket like they're always yelling at us to do and Sylvia (one of the owners) yelled at me because she had to comp a tables meal. I left work and cursed my being in NOVA when the temperature's dropping and my parents are vacationing in Las Vegas and California.


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