Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wacky Wednesday Wadness!

Today my friend had surgery on one of her knees. Apparently it was an in and out job and she was at home right after sleeping off the meds. I'm not a fan of hospitals, surgeries, doctors... really anything medicine related. So, needless to say, I did not sleep very well last night. But thankfully all went well and she should have her stitches out by monday.

The Cardinals lost tonight to the Houston Astros. I was pulling for the Cardinals this year seeing how my Sox pulverized them last year. It didn't hurt that the Sox bit it during the ALDS or that they made the slow slide to wild card in the last weeks of the regular season. This World Series will be interesting in so far as I don't care whatsoever about the outcome. I like neither the White Sox nor the Astros and think neither of them deserve to win. The White Sox have jinxed themselves (8 men out), but I like their manager. The Astros have never been to a World Series, but I have stated publicly before that I despise Roger Clemens. Sure his "retirement from the yankees" only to come back the next year for the Astros was a big middle finger to Steinbrenner... but he still left the Sox to join the Yankees. For that he should burn in hell.

On a different note, Joel forwarded this to me and I found it really quite informative. It seems that FUMA is not doing the job it should be. This is a serisous problem, first FEMA reacts poorly to the tragedy in Louisiana and now FUMA is completely unprepared for the likelihood of a Zombi attack. We should expect more from our government.


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