Monday, November 28, 2005

We're gonna need a bigger fridge...

So I survived the holiday traveling. I also decided to bring back some shakespeare magnets for our fridge, cause this apartment is in desperate need of culture... After unpacking the magnets and putting them up I realized one thing, we're gonna need a bigger fridge.

I had a good time with the family and with my friends. It was good to see Chris and Amogh. Pete even came out the last night. It was nice hangin out with Jen at Old Toad and Mark's Texas Hots. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of eating a garbage plate... well I just pity you, really I do.

addendum ad infinitum:
Chris also gave me my christmas present. He brought me up to the hotel that he works at and we... drank scotch. He sat me down at the bar and ordered two Johnny Walker Blues. Now for those of you who aren't in the know on scotch, this is the best of the best. A single bottle of Johnny Walker Blue can go for around $120.00. A single glass goes for about $20 give or take $10 (based on location). This stuff was like liquid heaven.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiv... oh christ it's snowing

Today Erica, her friend and I head out for good 'ol upstate new york. We'll be leaving behind mid-30's for low 20's... and SNOW. I am not looking forward to driving through snow in Erica's car. She has what are called road tires, also known as treadless pieces of shit. Last year when leaving a movie her car fishtailed everywhere and she ended up having to get brandon to drive it. I on the other hand was driving my dad's car. His car had bald tires and I didn't fishtail once. Now the difference between what happened with her car and what happened with my dad's car is huge. Why you ask? Because we will be driving through pennsylvania, which likes to put their roads along ridges, next to rivers and in two lanes. This should be a fantastic trip. Everyone pray to their gods.

Maybe I'm being a little overdramatic? We shall see. The upside of this is that perhaps I'll be able to persuade the two lovely ladies to share a hotel room somewhere before we drive off a cliff into a river. Note how I said 'before', that's key... the 'before' part.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Politics galore

I haven't posted about politics in a long time so I thought it was about time. There's been a lot goin on lately and I think it's important to point out one thing. I was right. That's right I was right, have been right and will continue to be right... I think.

First lets recap on one thing. Social Security reform is dead in the water, it's not even DOA because it never arrived. I called that one a long time ago.

Now let's move on. The president said after he was re-elected that he had political capital and he planned on using it. Good for him. However, it turns out he didn't have political capital or if he did he blew it at the comic book shop. Social Security reform is dead, Scooter libby's been indicted, Karl Rove has been in hot water, Harriet meirs... well I don't need to add verbage to that. All this AND the one thing that I have been 100% right about. No weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. A couple of years ago, during holiday festivities I stood in my aunt and uncle's kitchen and said; 'there are no WMD's in Iraq, and I think if you give the UN time you'll see that I'm right.' Well, here we are a couple of years later and things have gone pretty badly. Republicans are now accusing dem's of using the war for political gain. As joel said last night anytime Republicans say that, they themselves are using the war for political gain. D.C. works on political gain, if you're not gaining you're losing. Political gain/ capital allows you to do the things you want done. For instance, right now Dem's are saying that the war is going poorly and they want out. They get let's say a 20% increase in their political capital therefore they can turn around and spend that 20% increase on getting out of Iraq. Republicans on the other hand are keeping Iraq in the news with stupid floor resolutions and crying to the press so they get a 25% decrease in their political gain. That means it will be harder for them to turn around and spend capital on tax cuts, roadways projects in alaska, drilling in alaska, ethics scandals, scooter libby, staying the course in iraq, etc. etc.

On another note. After this week and the way the Dem's have pushed the republicans against the wall, bush will be hard pressed to make a 'stay the course' speech. He'll be hard pressed to say anything without outlining clear goals. Something he should have done, oh I don't know, 3 years ago.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Long time no blog

I've been taking a non-intentional hiatus from posting. Mostly because all I had to talk about was my job and I figured two things. First, no one cares how much waiting tables sucks... they just want their food damnit! Secondly, anything I could say would have been said already and I need not repeat myself.

Now that that's out of the way, big news! Tim Kaine won the governership of Virginia, replacing Mark Warner. This is big because they're both Democrats and Bush came down and campaigned for Jerry Kilgore, the los(er)ing repbublican. This is also big because Virginia is a red state and has been ever since LBJ.

Also there were some bombings in Amman, Jordan last night. My cousin Joe happens to be there right now. Word traveled through the family that he's ok. He was nowhere near the explosions but he sounded shaken nonetheless. Some of you constant readers may remember that my other cousin Johanna was in london during the two weeks of bombings there. My new rule for the family is this... anyone with a 'J' name is not allowed to travel overseas. We bring terror with us. Guess I'll have to enjoy the U.S. for the rest of the 'war on terror'.