Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiv... oh christ it's snowing

Today Erica, her friend and I head out for good 'ol upstate new york. We'll be leaving behind mid-30's for low 20's... and SNOW. I am not looking forward to driving through snow in Erica's car. She has what are called road tires, also known as treadless pieces of shit. Last year when leaving a movie her car fishtailed everywhere and she ended up having to get brandon to drive it. I on the other hand was driving my dad's car. His car had bald tires and I didn't fishtail once. Now the difference between what happened with her car and what happened with my dad's car is huge. Why you ask? Because we will be driving through pennsylvania, which likes to put their roads along ridges, next to rivers and in two lanes. This should be a fantastic trip. Everyone pray to their gods.

Maybe I'm being a little overdramatic? We shall see. The upside of this is that perhaps I'll be able to persuade the two lovely ladies to share a hotel room somewhere before we drive off a cliff into a river. Note how I said 'before', that's key... the 'before' part.


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