Friday, December 02, 2005

posting just to post

Once a week, sometimes once a day, you get that one table that makes you see things in a whole new light. It brings out feelings in you that you've never felt. It makes you want to do things that you've never wanted to do. And on that day, when you get this magnificent table (or say, party of 20... hypothetically of course), you feel like you could plead insanity or try to get off on manslaughter charges if only the Judge had at one point waited on tables at some point in his or her life.

It doesn't take much to bring this out actually. Really inconsequential things that just add up can make or break a day. I had two of these tables today. One actually wasn't mine but I helped out. This party of 20 was the type that wanted everything, which is fine, but they wanted it all one at a time. 'Can I get an iced tea?' (get the iced tea and come back) 'Can I get a glass of wine?' (get the glass of wine and come back) 'We're gonna need some new forks' (get the 4th set of new forks and come back) 'And some knives...' There was other stuff that they did to piss us off, but I don't feel like typing it right now.

The other table, it really wasn't their fault. They were two lovely ladies, mother and daughter. They both ordered salads. The daughter was getting married and had bought her mother a present. When I dropped the salads the mother was wiping tears away. Really, these were two very nice people. The problem was when I walked up to the table to take their order. I had sort of an out of body experience (luckily I could still hear so I knew what they had ordered). I floated next to myself and I saw myself with ketchup on my shirt, the black apron covering my black pants. I saw myself say; 'Are y'all set to order?' a year ago, do you know what I was doing? I was packing up Congressman Kleczka's office. We had 2 days left in the office. It wasn't important-ish work at that moment, but I was still a Congressional Appointee. I worked for the Federal Gov't. For fun I would yell at C-span with my fellow poli sci geeks. Now for fun I hang out in the kitchen with Wendy, Rudy and Johanna eating papas fritas (that's a whole other story about mi amore -- Seniorita Papas Fritas).

"Can I get anyone another beer?"


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