Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday satire

or something of the sort...

Not really anything to write about lately, just figured it had been 8 days and it's about time.

Wednesday I made nearly $300 at the restaraunt. I poured wine and brought out food. That's how I made the money. We had what is called a wine dinner. Wine rep's from a winery come in with a bunch of wine. Then we pair the wine with food and serve it to people for $65 a head. That night a couple of us went out to celebrate my new found wealth.

Thursday, I spent the day on the couch after going out and celebrating my new found wealth the night before. It was Couch Day '05. I didn't even get up to turn Halo2 on. I watched Fantastic Four (not a bad movie actually) and lots of TV. Later on I moved couch day '05 to bed night '05 and went to sleep hoping my stomach would stop doin gymnastics long enough for me to go to sleep.

That's about it on the news front. Pretty pitiful. I'll try to save the world, get the girl and rescue a puppy next week. Although I guess if I'm saving the world I would already be rescuing millions of puppies.


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