Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So some of you who read other blogger-blogs, may have noticed that mine looks a little different. That's because I recently put ads up as a little experiment in money making. I have a sitetracker service now so I know I don't get tons of traffic, but I'm not expecting to make millions off of this. If it makes me $.50 a month then that's more than I would have had if I didn't do this. I also know that some bloggers go back and forth on whether or not to put ads up on their sites and many readers are turned off by ads. I don't expect a backlash but I wanted to write something ahead of time about it.

Every post that goes up on a blog is advertising something. You might mention that you drank soda and you'd be advertising generally. You may mention how you just bought a new laptop (which I did but didn't mention) and where it came from, then you would be advertising for that company. Putting ads up on a blog is no different or rather, the only difference is that I'll be making money off of it now instead of just giving it away for free.

So if you happen past this site in the coming weeks/ months, click on the ad(s). Even if you don't look at what the resulting page is, it would be a big help to me.

Regular posts about regular stuff will follow soon!


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