Saturday, January 28, 2006

in other news

While I was watching the footage on the news yesterday I neglected to mention that I was laying on the couch freaking out about a job interview that I had in about 2 hours time. If someone had taken pictures of me throughout the morning they would have seen a spectacular transition.

10:00am - in bed sleeping
10:15am - jumped out of bed (literally) and walked to my chair to watch TV
10:30am - chair was uncomfortable, made some coffee now I'm on the couch
11:00am - coffee finished, laying on the couch
11:45am - jumped off the couch and ran to the shower
12:00pm - laying out my suit and going back to shave
12:30pm - brushing my teeth cause there's nothing left to do
12:31pm - realized that I had yet to polish my shoes even though I had been telling myself to do it for about 3 days now and I just never got around to it and ohmygod where's the shoe polish I need a cloth now where did my shoes go...
12:45pm - shoes polished, walking out the door (ON TIME) is there anything else I forgot? Nope.
12:45:35pm - DANGIT... my discman is empty now I have to ride the metro without any music... I HATE THAT.
1:37pm - after what seemed like the longest metro ride ever, I have arrived at my stop... 23 minutes early.
1:45pm - after walking around for about 5 minutes I decide I can no longer look like a normal person, I go inside.

And after that I'm going to leave it suspenseful. It's better to not tell you what happened next. It was just too amazing.

How's that for a cliffhanger?


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