Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Finale

Last night (Dec. 31st-Jan. 1st) I worked at the restaurant. I volunteered back before christmas because I knew that everyone would be off doing their own thing and I wanted/ needed to make some money. The night started out pretty slow with none of my tables arriving until around 9-9:30.

I had already been at the restaurant for about 5 hours by then and was getting pretty darn bored. But then the walk-ins started. I only had 2 reservations for the night but all of a sudden I had 5 tables and only one of my reservations had shown up... albeit an hour and a half late. Ms. Johnson (our hostess for the night) came up to me and asked if I could take another table in the 50's and then 5 minutes later asked if i could take another table in the 40's. This was in fact not my section. Ted had the 40's and 50's, Gail and I had split up the 10's and 20's. After doing a quick check of Ted's tables I realized that he had 3... 3! Gail and I were working on 6-7 tables, the bartenders were slammed and this jackass had 3 tables and was saying he couldn't take anymore. The reason you may wonder? Was he unprepared for a busy night? Nope. Turns out he wanted to go to a party in georgetown. A party were Barbara Bush was going to be at. After an early attempt by myself to inform him of the error of his ways I turned to Jaimie (our assistant GM) to correct the situation. After Jaimie came Sylvia (one of the co-owners). When Sylvia gave us a quick pep-talk Ted took the opportunity to try to bitch about not being able to leave early. Sylvia set him right, but I still wanted to beat the snot out of the kid.

The night went much smoother after that. Around midnight I neglected my tables in order to pour champagne for our guests. After the champagne had flowed I stayed behind the bar and had an awesome time. It reminded me of college when Nick and I would bartend for our parties. The real fun came when everyone left the restaurant and just the owners and workers were left. We jammed on the band's drums, we drank champagne, we goofed around. Christian grilled up some steaks for us and we drank some beers. I ended up walking out with around $200 in tips (after being one of the only servers in history to get tipped out by the bartenders), ~$150 in wine and some wine glasses.

I may not have gotten a new years kiss, or been surrounded by family, but I was certainly with friends and had a great time.


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