Wednesday, February 01, 2006

assorted goofiness

I recently decided (last night), that in the coming months I will be studying to take three big tests. The Foreign Service Exam, the GRE and the LSAT. I've got them penciled in for April, May and June respectively. The only thing that's negotiable right now is the GRE because you can schedule it for when you'd like to take it. The other two however revolve around someone elses schedule. I'm expecting that since the GRE is negotiable (in my mind) that it will be delayed a while considering one factor. I have forgotten any and all math that was drilled in to my brain over the last 25 years. I looked at some sample questions last night and couldn't remember a darn thing. The other two I'm nervous/ excited about. I've been putting this off for as long as I could simply because I hate school. Or to be precise, I hate going to classes where I think I'm learning something only to hand in a paper a week later and have the professor completely disagree with that assesment. College for me was such a tedious hardship. Between my thesis and taking chinese I'm lucky I even graduated. Some people can coast through college, I know I certainly thought I could at first. Looking back at high school I think I was set on cruise control for the majority of the time. When I think about grad or law school though, I think; 'wow, I will really need to get my act together before I do that.'
here's hoping to me getting my act together in a hurry.

I also did a little bit of contractual writing tonight. I didn't get paid for it but it was certainly enjoyable. Chris needed a bio for his webpage and he said he always liked what I wrote so that's how that went. I would say that he didn't know what he was in for, but he did.

movie reviews:
Wimbeldon: **
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: ****
Swingers: *****
Underworld 2: ***
Lord of War: ***


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