Monday, February 06, 2006

I've got dreams, dreams to remember

Every once in a while I wake up to one of those recurring dreams, I won't say nightmare because most of the time it's harmless. The dream is me back in high school. I didn't have a bad time in high school, I actually rather enjoyed my last few years in the public school system. But when you've been out of school for 7 years and you're suddenly dreaming about being back in high school, you get nervous about certain things. For one thing, I had totally forgotten to do my reading for that day and for some reason I had chosen a seat at the front of the room. What was with that? I never sat in the very front. The other thing was they kept saying that there was a big math test tomorrow. I guess it didn't matter that I happened to be in English class at the time. I've had this dream, or dreams quite like it several times over the years and I gotta say, I hate them. Who wants to relive being unprepared for class, especially when they're asleep? Seriously?

I've also been watching the hearings in the Senate judiciary committtee on the NSA wiretaps. AG Gonzalez got grilled by Sen. Feinstein. Sen. Jeff Sessions put it best when he complained that Sen. Feinstein was combining the patriot act with the NSA wiretaps: "It's not fair!..." Such an eloquent argument will no doubt leave the Dems dumbfounded.


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