Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Link-o-rama (vol.1 issue. 1)

Stories and links I had no posts to go with, so I just stuck them altogether here. Perhaps this will become a regular post.

Another "worst-buy" story: Best Buy receipt check

Profile of Virginia's new Gov. Tim Kaine: Why Kaine Is Different (WP)

Target's helpful advice: How to fold a fitted sheet

Share the happy and sad times: The Remembering Site

Ultra-cool postage: "Video" Stamp (Gizmodo)

Transformers meets My Little Pony, what's not to love?: My Little Transformers

Long FT story on Gawker media and the "blogosphere": Time for the last post

China's struggling to control it's citizens and is losing due in part to the internet: The Click that Broke a Government's Grip (WP)


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