Friday, February 10, 2006

The one about how I got arrested at the grocery store...

But don't worry I can plead temporary insanity. I can understand when people want to save a little money at the store, and they try to only buy things that are on sale. What I can't understand is packing a shopping cart, getting to the checkout and then asking if things are on sale AFTER THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN SWIPED. Look lady, you have 45 things on the checkout belt, how about you decide 20 minutes ago what you want to keep and what you're gonna leave behind. Making the kid search for that ground turkey in all the bags because you grabbed the wrong one and don't want to spend the 45 cents extra is NOT COOL.

Combine that with the fact that tomorrow is Snowmeggeddon. That's right, we're all going to die from snow exposure. The great thing about snow storms in D.C. is that people think they need several gallons of milk. What's milk going to do? Does milk have some sort of magical snow removal properties that I don't know about? Do people think that when it snows cows stop producing milk for several months? I honestly saw a guy at checkout with three gallons of milk. He beat out the next person in line by one full gallon. Seriously, won't the milk go bad before they get a chance to use it?


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