Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I was perusing today and was trying to read some of the stories, but this isn't entirely possible anymore. That's because CNN has seen to it that some of their stories are only watchable and not readable. I got to thinking about them, specifically the headlines.

You know what would make them better? if they weren't the reporter's stories, just video taken of the event. Take for example these videos:
-doctor defends putting screwdriver in man's neck
-woman stabbed after turning down marriage proposal
-kids help rodents tie knot
-a wedding high in the sky
How awesome would it be to watch any of those things happen? "Look the guy said he wanted a screwdriver in his neck... that's all I'm gonna say about that." And why do rodents need to be tying knots... they'll take over the world someday because of the information provided by those meddling kids .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be on to something - only video, with no one to tell you what you are looking at, and may I wish, no banner at the bottom about a totally different story; and, beyong my hope, the video of some political speach, with no expert repeating what is being said, and no banner repeating, again, what was said. Could it be possible for a news network to show a story at one at a time, assuming that the American viewer has the intelligence to "get it"?. That may a hope beyond hope. We can actually get...."here folks, we have this story and here it is."


11:18 PM, February 15, 2006  

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