Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowmeggeddon: final update

My rant yesterday about the snow storm was apparently half right. We didn't get anywhere near the amount of snow that they said we were going to get, but we did get snow. They were saying we got about 8 inches, that's a lie. We actually got about 3 inches.

These are my observations on snow storms in D.C.:

1. People don't know how to use salt and shovels. they either: throw salt down, then shovel; shovel but don't throw salt down or; they throw salt down but don't shovel.

2. Milk and bread are indespensable items when frozen water droplets are falling from the sky.

3. It is unsafe to walk on the sidewalk during or after a snowstorm, it's best to walk in the middle of the road.

4. If other people are getting more snow then us, cut to the reporter in the field who is showing how much snow we could have gotten!

5. Always make sure to brag to other people who are in the storms path about how much snow you've gotten.

On a final note, the snow has started to melt and in its place ice is forming. This is great cause it makes it impossible to walk anywhere without almost killing yourself and the orange juice carton you're carrying.


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