Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day

After work today I got a call from my good friend Merzy. After complaining about how hard a time she is having with boys (just for the record she had 3 dates last weekend... not exactly grounds for sympathy in my book), she asked for some advice. Now, seeing as how she had 3 dates in one weekend and I haven't had 1 date in 1 year I figured she should be giving me advice. At any rate I offered my perspective on things: "Are you crazy? You better pray to whatever voodoo doll you got hidden under your bed and never speak of this again!" Actually my advice was much more complicated than that, but you get the picture. Then because she didn't seem to have any plans for the night I asked her to be my valentine. Her response was so sweet: "What does this entail?" I'm still looking up the definitions of all these words but I have a feeling it means some sort of emphatic 'yes'. I told her then that she had to hop the next flight cause I had dinner reservations at midnight, she laughed and it is now 12:22am and I had to call the restaurant and cancel.

My night was divided up into two sections, going to the grocery store and sitting on the couch. I hate going to the grocery store on friday or saturday nights for the same reason I hated going tonight. On the way there I joked to myself (not aloud) that at least there wouldn't be anyone there to witness me buying cinnamon toast crunch on the most romantic night of the year. And then I turned the corner and saw the parking lot for Giant. It was PACKED. There had to be at least 50-60 people in the store, and guess which section they had all congregated in? That's right, me and kellog, post, general mills and the good cap'n crunch had the aisle to ourselves. Earnest and Julio (Gallo) however, had quite the party going on. I was the only one there NOT buying overpriced, low quality wine. Not being a wine snob, I just prefer hangin with Tony the Tiger.


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