Monday, February 27, 2006

Walking in NOVA

I, like many residents of Northern Virginia, feel left out. You see in 2003 the Commonwealth of Virginia had 86 pedestrian fatalities in automobile accidents. Of those 86, 10 occurred in Northern Virginia. When I say Northern Virginia I mean Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax. I also feel left out because the politicians in the Commonwealth of Virginia often talk about the horrible traffic conditions in Northern Virginia. Our current Governor, Tim Kaine (D), whom I voted for recently has made traffic the centerpiece in his legislative agenda.

The reason I feel left out of these things if because I don't own a car. Sure I could count myself amongst those statistics in pedestrian fatalities and I'm sure the way drivers move around here I will be some day. While Tim Kaine believes that traffic congestion is purely the result of poorly planned roads (which it mostly is) and the exploding population, I think it also has to do with the idiocy of the drivers in Northern Virginia.

I said that 11 out of 86 pedestrian fatalities occurred in Northern Virginia but those numbers obviously don't include injuries, near misses, etc. or the car on car accidents. Every morning I listen to NPR where they have a traffic report for the area. Every morning there are at least 3-4 accidents being cleaned up somewhere in the area, be it the beltway, Virginia, Maryland or D.C. 3-4 accidents a day seems like nothing, but I'm only talking about the morning. that's 1,095-1460 accidents a year, all taking place in the morning.

Perhaps before we start restructuring our horrible roads and freeways, before we create more hotlanes and HOV's, we should get rid of all the stupid drivers. That way I can walk in the middle of the beltway and never see a car or at least not worry about getting broadsided while coming back from chipotle.


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