Thursday, March 09, 2006

Back to the point

Last week I had a second interview that went, well let’s just say it didn’t go how I would have liked, because it didn’t. It wasn’t what I said or what they said, it seems to me now that it perhaps wasn’t a great fit. When people are interviewing prospective employees they aren’t just looking for someone who is competent, if you’ve made it to the second interview they already have screened you for that. What they are looking for is someone who would be a good fit with the rest of the employees. Anyone who has ever hired me knows full well that the person they interviewed (professional, nervous me) is not the necessarily the person who comes into work on the first day (professional yet sarcastic and laid back me).

While the second interview didn’t go great, it also wasn’t horrible. At the end of the interview they informed me that they would be making their decision sometime early this week. That brings you up to speed to today. I haven’t heard back, which raises an interesting question for me. I’m not good about writing thank you notes, in fact I hate it. It takes me about 2-3 hours to figure out what I want to say, to write it out once or twice to check handwriting and what not and then once more as a final copy. One paragraph of about 4 sentences can take me about 30-40 minutes to write out longhand. But here’s the thing, I do it. I always write thank you notes after an interview, informational interview etc. So why then, is it that I never get a call back if they haven’t chosen me?

I understand that it’s not a fun thing to do, to call someone and give them bad news. I have in the past, been forced to call them back and ask, “I was just checking in because I hadn’t heard back…” Every time I’ve had to do this, I’ve been disappointed. Why force me to wait around only to make what turns out to be an embarrassing and morale busting call? It only seems like the polite and professional thing to call someone when you’ve told them you will. Now, just in case there’s any confusion, I haven’t in fact heard one way or another whether I actually got this job but I’m guessing since it’s the end of the week and not the beginning, that I haven’t. Also, I don’t hold this against them. In the long run I understand that people are busy and if there’s a list of things that needs to get done and this unpleasant task is on them I wouldn’t want to do it either. But once again, I would, even if I didn’t want to.


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