Friday, March 24, 2006

Busy day

It's been a busy day in the shenanoblogosphere... I just came up with that. Yes, 3 posts is a busy day.

Recently the Washington Post added a conservative blogger to their roll, titled Red America. Many others in the blogs have written extensively about this and I'll try to link to them at the bottom. What most people were talking about was how Red America's writer, Ben Domenech, already had a blog and it was called Red State. Some questioned why the Washington Post would go with this blogger who already has a foundation and site, when D.C. is literally filled with conservatives who are articulate. Some of these people came from within the Washington Post itself. Jim Brady, the executive editor of the Washington Post, stated that Red America was meant to balance out the paper, although he also said it wasn't meant to balance out anyone in particular.

So here is my question. Shouldn't a newspaper be objective, not subjective? I understand that blogs have a certain editorial board feeling to them but when they're aligned with a news organization shouldn't they differentiate in statements concerning balance? Some other bloggers have questioned why the Washington Post didn't roll out a Blue America at the same time as Red America.

Well all these questions are moot now. It turns out that Ben Demenech is a plagarist. GASP, a blogger accused of plagarism? Should bloggers really be held to the same standards of journalistic integrity as newspapers if they won't be held to the same standards of objectivity? Since this news has come out Mr. Demenech has resigned from Red America and this little experiment at the Post has come to an end. Perhaps next time around they'll be a little smarter about who they choose and how they set it up.

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