Sunday, March 26, 2006

Immigration Pt. 3

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In national politics now, we have weekend warriors patrolling the boarders with weapons calling themselves Minutemen. These guys are viewed as heroes on shows such as Lou Dobbs while the religious leaders who are out to make sure those who do make it across the boarder are safe and well cared for, are derided as lawbreakers. My views on politics aside, letting loose a group of guys with guns on the border with absolutely no mandate is a dangerous situation.

On the more sanctioned side of things, people are also proposing building a large wall along the entire boarder of Mexico and the United States. To use sarcasm for a minute, this is a great idea. I believe that at this time we have better things to be spending our money on than trying to keep out immigrants from Latin and Central America. Some argue that if not to keep out illegal immigrants than to protect America from terrorists. They have a point, the hijackers on 9/11 did in fact enter America through an unsecured boarder where they were able to move freely once inside the United States. So I propose that instead of building a wall along the Mexican boarder, we build that wall along the unprotected boarder that terrorists have tried to get through and done so successfully, the Canadian-American Boarder.

I’m not saying that it will never happen, that possible terrorists will eventually try to enter through Mexico, but with the lax restrictions on immigration into Canada makes it a more convenient option. This is especially true as long as Terrorists want to be able to move around without raising suspicions. Just to make things a little clearer, I am not in fact advocating building a wall along the Canadian boarder either.

Along with the minuteman project and the possibilities of building a wall, there are several legislative solutions as well. The first of these is what has caused recent protests. It is H.R. 4437 the title is rather long and obtuse but the part of the bill that is causing contention is making illegal immigration a felony. The summary can be found HERE (CRS, Congressional Research Service is a non-partisan division of the Library of Congress.) The second option is to enforce current immigration laws and to create a guest worker program. This program is advocated by the President.

I have several problems with the wall and the immigration as a felony legislation and they come down to one real reason. Whatever your stance on immigration is right now, understand this fact; there are currently hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants living and working within the United States right now. As I stated in earlier posts it is not uncommon for them to have upwards of 3 jobs each. If we are to expel all these immigrants the American economy would crumble, food would not be prepared, hotels would not be cleaned and these are just the generalized examples.

Creating a hostile environment for illegal immigrants in this country will not solve the problem of illegal immigration, it will only serve to harm those carrying the American economy on their backs. The reason that these jobs go to immigrants is because they are in the underground and therefore it is not necessary to pay them a decent wage. To create a more hostile situation would only decrease the amount that employers would be willing to pay, not the number of immigrants.

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Anonymous Rant! said...

One of the truely great things about this country is its tendency to take very emotional and complicated issues, and immediately treat the issus as an ecomonic issue, and ignore the status of law and the thoughts, compromises, votes, elections etc that have been argued back and forth for decades.

There one was a great philosopher who states that one could rationalize anything - case in point. actually everyone here is part immigrant - some dating back several thousand years, other, last week. The majority came here by choice, some without choice. Some groups assimilated, some didn't. Some were and have been taken advantage of, some even came over here to take advantage of others. For all; there was no free ride; some had advantages; some didn't.

Bottom line - their here, and for most of our nation's history, people came here legally - in fact endured sacrifices to come here legally.

Today the political arguement involved foreign governments who have a policy of exporting their citizens to the United States. and what are we going to do about it.

Forget about the money issues, forget the social issues. The Constitution creates a federal government for the sole purpose of defending the United States. Federal electees are sworn to defend the constitution and what it stands for. Seems to me prople are picking thos parts of the Constitution that they wish for; and discarding those that "no longer" apply.

A great wat for us to show the world just how to establish and stick to a real democracy!

11:22 PM, March 26, 2006  
Blogger Shenanigans said...

One of the truly great things about our Constitution is that it leaves much ambiguity. There is not, for instance, a section on immigration. The founding fathers left much to the imagination when writing this glorious and somewhat mysterious (in its meaning not its creation) document.

The next truly glorious thing about our Constitution is that it is adaptable. The Constitution is truly a living document that has the ability to shape and morph itself throughout our countries history in order to better serve our country.

Those sworn to protect the Constitution are also sworn to protect the citizens who reside under this document. There is no real law that I know of that gives foreign citizens protection under our Constitution while they are on U.S. soil, but it has in the past been a given.

You're right, we should ignore the economic issues but if we do that, let us also ignore the issues of law. Let us, instead, focus on the issues of those people who are here and how this is a) making them feel and b) what it is doing to their lives. It seems to me, that it is very easy for people to take stands on issues when they have no effect on them whatsoever.

11:35 PM, March 26, 2006  

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