Friday, March 24, 2006

In Defense of Spring Time

Earlier this week I mentioned that it is in fact not supposed to snow in March, in Virginia, this is true.  We are currently about 20 degrees below the average temperature for this time of year.  

This part will seem like a digression, but get used to it, this post will be filled with them.  I come from a list-making family.  My mother makes several lists a day and my father has been known to make lists regarding his workday.  My mother relies upon lists so heavily that (this is a warning to my brother, I’m about to sell you out) my brother, Matt, once said; “if you took her lists away, she wouldn’t know what to do for the rest of the day.”  I myself have never been a list person; I rely upon a complicated post-it notes and legal pad arrangement that is sometimes supplemented by index cards.  To the untrained eye, it would look like chaos but it makes perfect sense to me.  I do however make lists, usually in my head, about things I like, dislike, want or don’t want.  For instance, I have a list of things I like about warm weather (light bulb, now it all makes sense…)

First, my favorite part about warm weather is waking up early in the morning, going outside where it’s already 90 or so degrees out, and taking in the convection like qualities.  Secondly, I enjoy two different tasks that can only really happen with warm weather, at least to their full extent.  When I was staying with friends in Maryland, I would metro down to Dupont Circle, grabbing a coffee and newspaper along the way.  I conducted my (first) job and apartment searches from a park bench in Dupont Circle.  Now when it’s warm out I grab a coffee and newspaper and head down to one of the many parks located along the Potomac in Old Town.  Why do I travel so far away just to sip some coffee and read the paper?

I have found that the distance in a trip is what makes a trip fun.  If it weren’t for the distance, it wouldn’t be an adventure.  I’m sure my friend Erica would beg to differ.  Most of our trips home involve my attempts to get her to snort diet Dr. Pepper from her nose.  To this day she still dislikes diet Dr. Pepper.  Also a side note to the makers of diet Dr. Pepper, it doesn’t in fact taste like regular Dr. Pepper, but I’m sure Erica would tell you that it does feel the same as regular Dr. Pepper when being snorted out of a nose at mach 2.

Back to the list, the second task that I enjoy on a warm day is grabbing a cheeseburger and a root beer.  This, of course, can be done on a cold day just as easily but it wouldn’t be the same.  A hot off the grill cheeseburger and a large root beer just taste better when it’s warm out.  Yesterday was the day that I was able to grab these two things.  For those of you who live in the metro-D.C. area and haven’t had a Five Guys burger, then you’re missing out.  It’s obviously not as good as any one of the Rochester area diners burgers.  But it will do and it did.  

Here’s hoping to more warm weather.


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