Thursday, March 02, 2006

link-o-rama: The Links Strike Back

This is where I post all the cool links I have found while searching the far reaches of the internet... or you know, the stuff I find while I'm supposed to be doing other... stuff.

Everybody loves a Wiki and I love Halo, it's only natural that I would like: Halopedia

Courtesy of Osaka Steve, this RV-style car is awesome: The GMC Pad

The stuff you hear people say in a city is quite remarkable. Luckily someone's been keepin track: Overheard in New York

Courtesy of, trailer mash-up of Toy Story 2 and Requiem for a Dream: Requiem for a Toy

Yet another @work website for lollygaggiers, get back to work! Office Pirates

And a shameless, shameless plug... shameless: Reviews N' Stuff


Blogger AgentSeethroo said...

Hey! Thanks for the Halpedia link! It's good to know that people are checkin' out our work!

10:29 AM, March 07, 2006  

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