Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Link-o-rama: The Vanishing Link

I was looking for a part IV movie title for this weeks link-o-rama, but I found this instead; hence the vanishing link. I thought about it last week and said to myself: "Self, no more link-o-rama's, it's a cheap way to fill up blog space" but then I just kept finding more and more links I wanted to share, in fact I have so many links this week I can't even use them all. So here are the winners.

A great editorial on how much time Congress will be in session this year: The Part-Time Congress (WP)

Breaking news: Barry Bonds Does Steroids!

Pretty cool, and nerdy, idea. What if one of Odysseus' soldiers had a blog? (of course he would have used Blogger): Under Odysseus

Every summer Washington-ites complain about the tourist mob that threatens the stability of our sanity on the Metro. Now these would be tourists can learn a subway system before they get to their desitnation or figure it out once they get there: Subway Navigator

South by Southwest just took place and there were several panels on bloggery. Luckily for those of us who couldn't get down to Austin for the fun, they have podcasts... of the panels, not the music. Check out the Jason Kottke / Heather Armstrong keynote panel: SXSW

Some people may have heard about this story, but for those of you who haven't, check out the strain on US - Canadian relations this digital camera caused: Lost Camera


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