Sunday, March 05, 2006

Live Blogging-ish: The Oscars

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By all accounts people will probably say that Jon Stewart bombed in the opening of the Oscars. There were few laughs from the audience. I find this a little annoying and amazing, considering the fact that most of the people in the audience have at one point sat across the desk from Jon Stewart and laughed hysterically at his jokes.

Nonetheless, I know I was laughing at Stewart's jokes and not out of pity.

Ben Stiller, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, David Letterman, Billy Crystal and Chris Rock all helped out with the same quirky style of humor. We'll see how the rest of the show goes. All I'm sayin is that if I have to miss out on another week of the West Wing and an episode of Gray's Anatomy then they better start laughing at the jokes.

8:45pm Update: I'm a fan of Zach Braff... but seriously, how many years in a row are they going to have animated presenters? Does the Academy really expect us to be awed by this still?

8:55pm: Will Ferrell and Steve Carell are taking the stage soon. I'm expecting Stephen Colbert to come running out at any moment. This has to be some indication of the entertainment value of the Daily Show. I read somewhere that they only reach about 1.5 million viewers yet both Jon Stewart and Steve Carell are appearing in the superbowl of the entertainment industry.

9:01pm: wow, did they really have to cut the mic on that woman who won the oscar for the chronic-WHAT-les of narnia.

9:13pm: Lauren Bacall had some trouble reading off the prompter, perhaps she needed her glasses? Kinda cringe-worthy.

9:15pm: Jon Stewart has brought his daily show humor to the Oscars, FINALLY. Some awesome fake Oscar campaign commercials for best actress. (i.e. Dames for Truth: anti-Judy Dench, Kiera Knightly: Acting despite being beautiful).

9:26pm: Best song performance -Crash- why do I feel like I'm watching a mid-90's MTV video? FYI the woman who was singing and who also composed the song is Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt from the West Wing (Toby's ex-wife).

9:55pm: Jon Stewart is right, how many montages can they really put in one show?

10:05pm: Lily Tomlin rocks.

10:20pm: I read earlier in the week that they weren't going to edit out the song from Hustle and Flow but they did. I think I heard "Witch" about 25-30 times.

10:27pm: Sweet! more campaign commercials!

10:44pm: Oscar Winner Hillary Swank -- Didn't she win for The Core?

10:48pm: PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN!! Hometown boy done good. Phil and I ( I call him that cause we're close) went to the same high school... like 15 years apart. Still we're from the same town. Look for Fairport High School to appear in People magazine next week.

11:01pm: Every actor out there who thinks you can't go from poorly written/ directed popcorn movie (Legally Blonde 1 & 2, Sweet Home Alabama) to oscar winner need only check out Reese Witherspoon, not to mention Jamie Fox (Stealth) and Hillary Swank (The Core). Did they let her talk for like 20 minutes or what?

11:04pm: Best picture is up next, guess it's time to go to bed.

11:11pm: Best screenplay speech: I guess when you're a winner you can wear whatever you want. I don't think you're allowed to say something that deep when standing next to someone who looks that dufus-y. Oh and Larry, next time "Wear an undershirt, dude."

11:20pm: Ang Lee: "I wish I could quit you." He doesn't get to say that, I don't care if he won the oscar or not, he has subjected all of us to years of "I wish I could quit you." Not cool Ang, not cool... but you know, congrats on the whole oscar winning thing.

11:22pm: Best picture winner is...

11:23pm: Crash, honestly though who didn't see that one coming? Plus, how many people are goin up on stage? That's like 1/4 of the audience standing up.

11:28pm: I guess they felt the need to cut Paul Haggis off from giving his speech so that they could end for the nightly news... and so that Jon Stewart could go on Jimmy Kimmel live. Like they couldn't run over by 3-5 minutes.

11:30pm: This ends my first and likely only live-blogging experience. Funny how the boredom of watching the oscars brought it out. I figured my first live-blog would come from something like the State of the Union or something. Oh well, hope the few who read it enjoyed.

footnote: for those of you who want to see what actual liveblogging is like check out Gothamist.


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Uwe Boll was robbed!

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