Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Overheard" in D.C.

I don't go into the city very often anymore, so when I do go in I am quickly reminded of the crazy things that people say to each other within earshot of many, many others. So in the best traditions of Overheard in New York, I give you the few quotes I walked away with over the past two days:

Context: Guy leaning out the window of a truck, driving past me on my way to the bank

"Well put the goddamn sign where I can goddamn see it!"
Context: Guy yelling at a garage attendant about not being able to see the 'lot is full' sign hanging over the garage entrance, I was across the street and saw it while he was pulling in.

"It's spring man, it's spring! Don't I look spring-full!"
Context: Homeless guy on the bridge as I walked into Georgetown.

"I told him to get out of my apartment, no one watches 'American Idol' on my tv."
"No, but I threw the remote at him."
Context: Riding the elevator in Longworth House Office Building.

"Where are you guys going?"
"To the Congressman's house."
"He in trouble again?"
Sidelong glance at me..."NO."
Context: Again, riding the elevator in Cannon House Office Building.

"F*** You Cheney!"
Context: Guy yelling at a limo that was not carrying Vice President Cheney through foggy bottom.


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