Thursday, March 23, 2006


I recently downloaded and installed something called Konfabulator. I have to admit that I am a PC person, but I am envious of one thing about Mac's. I love their desktop appearance. The very empty desktop and the zoom bar located at the bottom. On the one hand I'm of the mind that everything you use should be easily accessible at all times, on the other it drives me nuts to have to search through 15+ icons just to find a web browser or Microsoft Word. When I got my new laptop, the first thing I did was remove everything from the desktop except for the recycling bin and the My Computer icon.

Konfabulator, in theory, is a good thing. It is basically just a program that allows you to download "widgets" which are basically applets that perform different tasks. Once I had downloaded it, I realized that there are not that many widgets that I would want on my computer. So far, I have only downloaded 2 and used 1.

The first widget I downloaded is an alarm clock that uses your iTunes playlist as the alarm (haven't tried it yet but I'm looking forward to be awoken by my favorite songs). The second widget I downloaded was of course a zoom bar that looks very much like Mac zoom bar. After some tweaking I was able to put the programs on there that I use the most.

After those two widgets I realized that there was nothing else good about this program. There are many RSS readers, but I already use Thunderbird for that, so why bother with another program? There are about 200 different widgets so you can listen to individual online radio stations. Hey, I've got an idea, why not make one widget so you can listen to all the radio stations? Oh yeah, I forgot I use iTunes for that. Then there were about 1,000 different clock widgets. Anyone who's reading this blog, owns a computer so therefore knows that there's already a clock function available and absolutely no point to creating a new program for this.

All in all, not worth it for that one widget I now use. Kinda disappointing and I'm hoping they come out with some widgets that are actually helpful.


Anonymous Joel said...

Zoom bar? It's called 'The Dock'. Sigh ... you kids and your windows ...

8:07 PM, March 23, 2006  

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