Sunday, March 19, 2006

Up to no bueno (vol.1 issue.8)

The other day while waiting in line at the grocery store, I was flanked by a woman talking on her hands-free set. She was speaking rather loudly and I was wearing headphones, so you can't really call this eaves dropping ( I was in fact not dropping any eaves). She was in line to buy about 18 lightbulbs, three bottles of flavored water and a steak. In between wondering what in the world she was planning on making with those ingredients I caught little bits of her conversation. She was complaining about her current assistant and how sloppy she is;
"She comes into work without her shirt tucked in, who does that? I told her she has 36 days to get it together or else. What? No, she's great and she loves working for me but she dresses so unprofessionally."

I couldn't help but think about this poor assistant and what awaited her at the end of her 36 day probationary period. Isn't 36 days kind of a random amount of time to begin with? I mean who needs 36 days to learn to tuck in their shirt? I personally don't remember learning specifically to tuck in my shirt but I know it must have happened along the way at some point and I'm fairly certain it didn't take me 36 days to do it. I also know that on occasion it happens on it's own when I'm getting dressed and then I am forced to un-tuck my shirt if I'm going for a more casual look. Secondly, if your assistant likes what they're doing for you and they, presumably, are doing a good job, what does it matter if their shirt is untucked?

I have had numerous jobs throughout my life, 14 to be nearly exact and I haven't been fired from a single one. I have however quit 1 of them, which means that I've had 13 happy campers. This woman who has yet to learn how to tuck in her shirt may soon be fired over something that has nothing to do with her job performance. Why have I had 13 happy campers? Because I am constantly afraid that a poor job performance will lead to me being fired and in my paranoid mind all employers have a hive mind and will immediately know that I did bad at one job. So when I thought about this woman being fired over her less-than-stellar appearance, did I think I should turn around and say; "don't fire her if she's doing a good job!" or did I think; "I tuck my shirt in!"

Hey, alls fair in job searches.


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