Saturday, March 04, 2006

Up to no good (vol. 1 issue. 7)

A lot to go through in this post I'll try to do it quickly. First, as you may have noticed above I have gotten around to changing the header. It only took many hours and many "Hey Joel... how do you...?" before it was accomplished. Let me know what you think.

Also I posted a picture (off my trusty cell phone "celly") of the view from my soon to be ex-office. Jealous?

Thirdly, about a month ago I started an experiment on this blog. The experiment involved Google Ads not-so-strategically placed along the top and side of the posts. As of yesterday I have to say that while these ads aren't paying the rent, they are making some $$$. So thank you to everyone who has been clicking away. Perhaps some day these ads will pay for actual server space so that this blog won't be hidden away in the blogger basement. Not that anyone's really going out of their way to find it.

Lastly, in my previous post about wonkette's new commenting policy I neglected to mention how I have no policy. Except that is to say I don't approve spam in my comments. I'm glad I didn't talk about my own low standards. Some of you may have noticed that the newest addition to the Supreme Court stopped by for a quick visit and left a nice little comment. Thank you to Justice Alito and I hope he becomes a regular reader, perhaps from time to time he can send a note over explaining his reasoning behind decisions and whatnot.


Anonymous Mongo said...

The blog is coming along very nicely. And someday perhaps you will be a real boy...

9:32 AM, March 04, 2006  

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