Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dreams really do come true...

This morning I was awoken at 7:00am in the usual way; our neighbors upstairs were pounding back and forth and there was some crashing and whatnot. I've talked about this before. When this happens I scream in my head "JUST LEAVE ALREADY!" Of course by that I mean, get out of your apartment and go wherever it is you were on your way to.

When I went outside at 8am, hoping to move the car into the parking lot I was a little annoyed by a moving van in the back parking lot. It took me a couple of seconds to put things together in my head, but when I did I almost broke into song and dance. Our upstairs neighbors are moving out.

If there ever was a reason to continue wishing upon a star, dreaming the big dream, this is it. There is evidence now that your dreams can come true too and they don't require the intervention of Ed McMahon.


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